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Conservator Beheer B.V.
Geyssendorfferweg 75

3088 GJ Rotterdam

088 655 80 00








Conservator S.I.O. B.V. (vestiging Nieuw-Vennep)
Noorderdreef 64
2153 LL Nieuw-Vennep

088 655 80 00

In case of an emergency 24/7 call: 088 655 80 20

Conservator S.I.O. B.V. (vestiging Klundert)
Fazantweg 1
4791 RR Klundert

088 655 80 00

In case of an emergency 24/7 call: 088 655 80 40


From its head office in Barendrecht, Conservator is carrying out projects in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, United Kingdom, Ireland and Germany.


From daily or unforeseen cleaning activities to large-scale stops; modern equipment and properly trained employees enable Conservator to offer a complete range of cleaning methods.

Conservator provides the complete cleaning process; from analysis, consultancy and planning to execution and evaluation. Each project takes place in close consultation with the customer, using acceptance reports and waste flow guidance notes.

Conservator also has an extensive and varied range of state-of-the-art equipment in order to be able to perform all types of cleaning activities at our clients as well as possible.

Wall Thickness Measurements

Wall thickness measurements

Performance of wall thickness measurements for membrane walls and bundles by means of 3D scan equipment. When using this method, the complete surface is mapped out in detail.

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Pressure Vacuum

Pressure vacuum

Pressure vacuum methods are used for sucking up and/or blowing both dry, wet and pasty substances (fluids, sludge and product residues).

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Cleaning of boiler components by means of controlled explosive charges. These methods are used while the boiler is operational, but also as safety cleaning when the installation is out of operation.

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Dust Removal

Dust removal

By deploying dust removal units, it is possible to keep (enclosed) spaces such as tanks, e-filters, boiler rooms, sheds free from dust and maintain vacuum.

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Cleaning Of Air Coolers And Air Fin Banks

Cleaning of air coolers and air fin banks

Cleaning of air coolers and air fin banks by means of an automated high pressure cleaning system provided with independently moving high pressure nozzles on a made to measure rail system.

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Chemical Technical Cleaning

Chemical technical cleaning

Chemical technical cleaning is the removal of unwanted matter on surfaces of technical installations (internal or external) through the action of chemicals.

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High And Low Pressure Water

High and low pressure water

The solution for effectively removing contamination and scale in hard to reach and sensitive parts of the installation, after which the uptime and efficiency of your installation increases.

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Shot Blasting

Shot blasting

Removal of hard contamination or pre-treatment of solid surfaces by means of various shot blasting techniques.

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