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Conservator Beheer B.V.
Bijdorp-Oost 1

2992 LA Barendrecht

Postbus 124
2990 AC Barendrecht

088 655 80 00








Conservator S.I.O. B.V.
Bijdorp-oost 1
2992 LA Barendrecht

Postbus 124
2990 AC Barendrecht

088 655 80 00

In case of an emergency 24/7 call: 088 655 80 20

Conservator Zuid B.V.
Fazantweg 1
4791 RR  Klundert


Postbus 124
2990 AC Barendrecht

088 655 80 00

In case of an emergency 24/7 call: 088 655 80 40

Conservator S.I.O. B.V. (vestiging regio Noord-Holland)
Kromme Spieringweg 164
2141 BP Vijfhuizen

Postbus 124
2990 AC Barendrecht

088 655 80 00

In case of an emergency 24/7 call: 088 655 80 20


From its head office in Barendrecht, Conservator is carrying out projects in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, United Kingdom, Ireland and Germany.

Conservator Group are able to offer custom work. Each sector has its own requirements, points of attention and challenges. Conservator Group has many years of experience with and know-how of all installation parts in many sectors through the deployment of modern cleaning techniques.


Installations for waste incineration, sludge processing, biomass processing and energy generation have very specific maintenance and safety requirements. In various countries, large players in this sector are using Conservator’s complete range of specialist cleaning techniques.

Conservator cleans both installation parts of incineration ovens and secondary installations (flue gas cleaning, channels, fans). Examples of this are the removal of slag and scaling, the removal of refractory masonry, as preparation for inspections and repairs. We also treat installation parts to prepare them for welding on pipe bundles and membrane walls.

Depending on the needs and requirements of the customer, different methods are used, from shot blasting SA1 to SA2.5, low pressure, high pressure to ultra high pressure cleaning (2,500 bar) and pressure vacuum methods.

For preventive and safety cleaning without downtime we offer the possibility of detonative cleaning via our subsidiary Online Cleaning Technologies.

After cleaning, it may be necessary to measure wall thickness. Conservator has a subsidiary, 3D WearScan, that is able to measure wall thickness accurately using an innovative 3D scan system.

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Conservator is able to provide custom made solutions that take into account the regulations that apply in the onshore and offshore industry. Conservator specialises in the internal and external cleaning of below deck cargo tanks of ships and containers on board of supply ships.

Also for onshore companies, cleaning work is performed in drilling rigs, pipe systems and related installations. Examples of work activities include drilling flushes and cleaning of installations with base oil, methanol, cement, barite and bentonite.


Tank storage companies strive for a maximum occupation of their capacity. Conservator makes this possible through flexible and rapid deployment of various cleaning technologies in close consultation with the client.

Conservator offers a complete range of services, including chemical cleaning of storage tanks, disposal of residues and sludge and cleaning drip trays. Mixtures of organic substances or raw materials with waste can also be disposed of and recycled in a responsible manner. In addition, we will take care of the complete waste management process on behalf of the customer.


Each industry have cleaning different requirements and thanks to our wide range of services, broad experience and expertise, Conservator are able to offer custom-made solutions for all cleaning work, in accordance with applicable regulations, environmental regulations and wishes of the client. These solutions are developed in consultation with customers.

Would you like to know what we can do for your sector? Please, do not hesitate to contact us.