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Conservator Beheer B.V.
Geyssendorfferweg 75

3088 GJ Rotterdam

088 655 80 00








Conservator S.I.O. B.V. (vestiging Nieuw-Vennep)
Noorderdreef 64
2153 LL Nieuw-Vennep

088 655 80 00

In case of an emergency 24/7 call: 088 655 80 20

Conservator S.I.O. B.V. (vestiging Klundert)
Fazantweg 1
4791 RR Klundert

088 655 80 00

In case of an emergency 24/7 call: 088 655 80 40


From its head office in Barendrecht, Conservator is carrying out projects in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, United Kingdom, Ireland and Germany.

Conservator is an independent family business with a long history. We offer specialised industrial (cleaning) activities in the waste, energy, offshore and tank storage sectors, as well as other industries.

We aim to offer the highest quality, look after our employees, continuously improve our processes and be a front-runner when it comes to safety.

Conservator dedicates a lot of personal attention to its employees and believes in deploying employees in a sustainable manner.

For instance, we offer individual programmes aimed at improving the health and vitality of employees and take far-reaching measures to restrict physical loads.

Conservator was awarded the “Crown at Work Prize” in 2017. This prize is awarded to companies that have successfully implemented sustainable deployment.

Our company is characterised by a genuine work ethic. Our employees are flexible, customer-oriented and result-oriented, which results in a high level of service for customers.

All Conservator employees are given the opportunity to develop themselves. We offer all employees training in accordance with their job profiles, encourage them to think about their careers and give them the opportunity to climb the ladder within the company. Annual appraisals take place and specific agreements are made with employees.

Conservator has short lines of communication, which helps to create open and transparent working relationships.

Interested in joining our team? Then apply for a specific position or send an open application and mention the reason for your application.