Detonative cleaning

Our patented detonative cleaning techniques offer benefits in relation to time and safety for various industries.

Benefits for our customers

Detonative cleaning has various benefits compared to other traditional cleaning methods. Some of these are:

  • Increased availability of the installation
  • Savings on maintenance through shorter stop / lead times
  • Can be applied online or offline
  • It is not necessary to access the boiler
  • No side effects such as additional waste
  • Completely dry method
  • Can be applied safely on various surfaces
  • High level of safety and control
  • Consistent and reliable cleaning result in all types of boilers
  • Reduced emission
  • The offline cleaning method allows simultaneous performance of other cleaning activities
  • Entering into performance contracts
  • The 'One Stop Shopping’ concept guarantees a complete delivery and supervision of your boiler cleaning activities

Cleaning methods

The online method is suitable for both scheduled cleanings and calamities. This patented technique enables us to perform the cleaning during full production and at extreme temperatures.

Linear Cleaning
By means of a lance, explosive charges are placed in the boiler through existing openings. Then, they are detonated in a controlled manner, so that slags and deposits are removed. The linear cleaning method is particularly used for evaporation screens, superheaters and economisers. Here, the bundles are completely cleaned during full load operation.

Compressed gas
Die-cast tubes insert compressed carbon dioxide (CO2) in drill holes, after which this CO2 filling is electrically induced. This leads to a rapid exit and expansion of the filling which loosens the coated materials. The compressed gas method is used, for instance, in the cement industry, waste processing industry and for other types of obstruction in funnels and silos.

The offline method is used for installations that are out of operation. This often requires a thorough cleaning result in a cleaning time that is as short as possible.

Stick blasting
The stick blasting method is used for both offline and online cleaning of the blank pass and furnace of a boiler. This method is also very suitable for a so-called safety cleaning: As soon as the boiler is taken out of operation, large burnt deposits must be removed from the furnace, so that maintenance personnel are able to access the installation safely. The number of obstructions and blockades can also be reduced to zero.


  • Linear cleaning method for evaporation screens, superheaters, economisers and complete pipe bundles.
  • Stick blasting method for both offline and online cleaning of blank passes and furnaces of combustion ovens.
  • Safety cleanings after the installation was taken out of operation, in order to access it safely.
  • Gas pressure cleaning for the removal of obstructions in funnels and silos.

Additional services

Camera inspection
We developed a system enabling online camera recordings. Our high tech camera is able to resist temperatures up to 1600°C. While recordings are made, we offer our customers the opportunity to assess the contamination of the boiler part through a display.

Our qualified boiler specialists have years of experience enabling them to recommend the best cleaning method.


  • Power stations
  • Waste to energy plants
  • Industrial ovens
  • Melting ovens
  • Metal industry
  • Glass industry
  • Cement industry
  • Flue gas cleaning

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