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Conservator Beheer B.V.
Geyssendorfferweg 75

3088 GJ Rotterdam

088 655 80 00








Conservator S.I.O. B.V. (vestiging Nieuw-Vennep)
Noorderdreef 64
2153 LL Nieuw-Vennep

088 655 80 00

In case of an emergency 24/7 call: 088 655 80 20

Conservator S.I.O. B.V. (vestiging Klundert)
Fazantweg 1
4791 RR Klundert

088 655 80 00

In case of an emergency 24/7 call: 088 655 80 40


From its head office in Barendrecht, Conservator is carrying out projects in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, United Kingdom, Ireland and Germany.

Foundation Of Conservator Germany GmbH

Foundation of Conservator Germany GmbH

Conservator, together with Rijnmond Maintenance Services, founded Conservator Germany GmbH this week. Last Tuesday the official documents were signed by Tugay Taner (RMS) and Daphne Holtappel (Conservator). With Christina Martin as company director and a new team of specialists, we…

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Three-year Contract Signed At Twence

Three-year contract signed at Twence

Conservator has recently been awarded the tender for industrial cleaning at Twence. On March 14th the three-year contract was signed in the presence of Hans Rikhof and Denise Jager from Twence, and Daphne Holtappel from Conservator. The first stop has already…

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Safety Encouragement Award

Safety encouragement award

On 14-12-2016, during the membership meeting of the Industrial Cleaning Foundation (SIR), Cor Beck (Industrial Cleaning Coordinator at AEB) and Koos Rietbroek (Process Analyst at HVC) were given the well-deserved Safety encouragement award by Remco Hasenack, vice chairman of the…

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Solvay, Conservator And ATM

Solvay, Conservator and ATM

The seventeenth edition of the customer magazine by Afvalstoffen Terminal Moerdijk, ‘ATMosfeer’, contains an article about the partnership between Solvay, Conservator and ATM.

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